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Carrier ratings 4.14
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Total ratings: 86


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  • Бухарест - Кишинев

    It was very bad

  • Бухарест - Кишинев

    No comment…!!!

    28.03.2022 FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.

    Что Вам не понравилось? Как можем решить проблему?

  • Chisinau - Bucharest

    Very comfortable bus and drivers helped us to reach the airport at arrival in Bucharest.they paid the bus tickets from center to airport. Really appreciate

  • Chisinau - Odesa

    They were late on the schelude and started to be very rude

    10.12.2021 FIRMA GALIZ-SV S.R.L.

    What date and hour you traveled?

  • Chisinau - Kyiv

    It was a nice bus with USB chargers, big bus, and warm! The overnight ride was good and we arrived exactly on time.

  • Odesa - Chisinau

    Odessa to Chisinau. Bus was swapped for a smaller one due to number of customers. I felt this was a benefit as we made better time, boarding was easy and on time, we arrived ahead of schedule, all round a positive experience.

  • Chisinau - Brasov

    this was the most horrible 9 hour journey I've ever had to endure, I booked a coach from Chisinau to Brasov but it turned out to be just a mini bus, we weren't even able to get seats together even though I booked the tickets together, and it was so tight with literally no space - we were all packed in like sardines and it was way too hot at the back and it was so uncomfortable, we actually considered just getting off as soon as we sat down and finding another way to travel because that's how bad it was. I asked the driver where the coach is and he said they didn't have enough passengers so they brought a mini bus instead, this is ridiculous and clearly false advertisement if I booked a coach I expect to get on a coach not a mini bus. Never traveling with this company again.

    25.10.2021 Administrator of the INFOBUS


    The carrier has the right to change the type of the bus.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your rating has been sent to the carrier.

  • Odessa - Kiszyniów

    Great trip

  • Chisinau - Bucharest

    Absolutely awful experience. I was told to get on the bus over an hour before the departure. I put my bag in the cargo hold thinking nothing of it. When we arrived in Bucharest the next morning my bag was gone. The driver literally shrugged and had no solution. The bus company does not have any procedure for this type of event. Later that day the credir card I had stashed in my bag was used in Chisinau, so my bag was not even with us when we left Moldova. That means either the bus company is in on the scam or they do not protect their clients belongings. The bus company has been awful to deal with. They keep telling me to contact the driver or other numbers or emails but I am not even able to file a report. BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT USE GAL TRANS OUT OF MOLDOVA OR ROMANIA. THEY CONTRACT WITH INFOBUS AND FLIXBUS, AS WELL. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR POSSESSIONS!

    17.09.2021 Administrator of the INFOBUS


    Please clarify did you contact the police with a statement about the theft of things? And also to the bank to block the card when you saw that there were no things.

    17.09.2021 Lisa Serota

    Yes, I made a police report and my card has been cancelled. I am still trying to get a hold of the bus company to file a report. I stand by my statements that travellers need to be aware of GAL Trans operating in Romania and Moldova.

    17.09.2021 Administrator of the INFOBUS

    Thanks for the answer. Your comment has also been sent to the carrier.

  • Odesa - Chisinau

    Too bad the driver did not speak a word of English and was not friendly at all. Other than that, it was okay. Nice to have wifi on the bus!

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