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Advantages of traveling with GAL Trans coach buses

Дата публікації: 28.03.2023


To get to your desired destination, fortunately, we have several transportation options to choose from: by coach, by car, by plane, by train, or other car-sharing services. All come with a range of benefits, and you can choose the most suitable option for you.


Here are some advantages why you'll want to travel with GAL Trans coaches:


1. Comfort - Our coaches are equipped with all the necessary facilities for passenger comfort during both short and long-distance journeys. Comfortable and spacious seats, power outlets, Wi-Fi, ample luggage storage space, and in some coaches, we have even integrated interactive tablets for each passenger.


2. Safety - A recent study has shown that coaches are the safest road transportation mode, having the same safety index as trains (even though they use road infrastructure).


3. No additional baggage fees - Unlike air travel, coach travel allows you to bring more baggage with you.


4. Cheap and advantageous - Forget road tolls, insurance, vignettes, and other expenses. Traveling by coach saves you money and allows you to relax during your journey.


5. It's easy! - As we take care of our passengers' comfort from the beginning to the end, buying a GAL Trans ticket is simple, easy, fast, and secure. You can do it directly on our website or on the GAL Trans app, available on Google Play and App Store.


Get your ticket now and see you on the coach!